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Installation & User Guide


mobXscan Android is a powerful Barcode Scanning utility for any Android device—Phone, Tablet, EPOS, etc.

Simple to install and use it provides industry leading reading performance and is configurable to be controlled manually or from an external programme, and can output data to a keyboard or to another application utilising the simple to use API supplied.

To download and install mobXscan Android visit www.mobxscan.com/download

Direct install of trial version from Playstore http://bit.do/eKbhT

Click Install.    When finished follow these screens to enable.  The final screenshots shows the setup pages for mobXscan.


Operation of mobXscan has been designed for simplicity.  The device operates with mobXscan as a keyboard.  So any app that needs data input can be sent text with keyboard, or Barcode data and text with mobXscan keyboard.

You can use the mobXscan keyboard with small scan button or toggle between Keyboard and Barcode keyboard window.  Just go to the field that needs Barcode data and click on it to open keyboard, then toggle between normal text keyboard and mobXscan Barcode keyboard using the ‘Globe’ button.  With some versions of Android the ‘toggle’ globe is not available, so the small scan buttons have to be used.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with configuring or using mobXscan Android please contact us by clicking on the button or call us on +44 (0) 8455 441 254