What is mobXscan?

Barcode Scanner

mobXscan adds the capability of barcode scanning to any Windows 10 tablet PC or Android device and uses the built in Camera to scan and capture the barcode.  Very easy to use interface makes it the simplest way to add barcode reading functionality.


Simple Barcode Scanning with mobXscan


Easy Integration

We designed mobXscan to be as easy to use as possible.  Open mobXscan and press the scan button to almost instantly read the barcode and enter it into your application.  Or you can send a simple command from your application to trigger mobXscan.


Simple Barcode Scanning with mobXscan

Clever Design

We designed mobXscan to make the use of barcodes very easy, but also very powerful.  mobXscan is fully compliant with Microsoft Windows 10 and Android 5.0 and above, but offers some clever features to make it really easy to add to your application, and really simple for the operator to use.  The easier to use, the easier for operators to accept a new process.


Simple Barcode Scanning with mobXscan

How Does mobXscan Work?

Some Techie Stuff about mobXscan

Computer requirements

mobXscan is available for Windows 10 and Android V5.0 and above.  Any Windows or Android device with a camera can be a powerful barcode scanner.

Configurable Features

With mobXscan you can define what barcodes can be read, what characters you send before and after code, and how you control the scanning


mobXscan was developed in accordance with Microsoft rules and complies with UWP conventions.  mobXscan is compliant with Android requirements and can be installed and updated from the Play Store.  Any developments will maintain compliance.

A video demonstrating the scanning capability of mobXscan

About us

mobXscan was developed by the R&D resources at Mobexx when a requirement was identified to provide an integrated barcode scanning solution for tablet PCs.  Utilising Swiftdecoder™ algorithms licensed from Honeywell mobXscan offers industry leading barcode scanning performance.

Mobexx is a UK based distributor of high quality rugged and ATEX Certified mobile computers, operating globally through a network of focused resellers and integrators.