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Retail Barcode Reading for Mobiles

Using mobXscan software utility enables any Windows 10/11, Android and IOS device  to become a high performance Barcode reader for queue busting, price check or at checkout and means you don’t need a special hand held or tablet computer to read barcodes.

Healthcare and Clinical Barcode Reading

Barcode reading is essential in many areas of  health management.  Using mobXscan software utility allows any Windows 10/11, Android and IOS device with a camera to become a high performance Barcode reader.  No need for a separate Barcode scanner or device with integrated scanner

ATEX Barcode Reader

Install mobXscan – the utility that makes any Windows 10/11, Android and IOS device with a camera a high performance barcode reader and save the expense of investing in a separate ATEX Certified Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Delivery and Distribution Barcode Reading

Barcode reading for proof of delivery, tracking product through the supply chain can now use mobXscan software utility on any Windows 10/11, Android and IOS device to provide high performance barcode reading to help reduce operational costs and use standard hardware

Emergency Services need Barcode Reading

Blue Light operations need to be able to read barcodes for multiple reasons to ensure compliance, traceability, safety and more.  Using mobXscan software utility any barcode can be read using standard Windows 10/11, Android and IOS devices to give more choice and reduce cost

Field Service Engineers need Barcode Readers

Many field service operations benefit from Barcode reading to track jobs and parts used and record product being repaired.  Using mobXscan software utility enables high performance barcode reading on any Windows 10/11, Android and IOS device, so saving time and money

What is mobXscan?

mobXscan is the easy way to read barcodes on any Windows 10/11, Android and IOS mobile device.  Just press the scan button and the device camera will capture an image of the barcode, read it and send the text to the app you have waiting for it

How does mobXscan work?

mobXscan is very simple in concept and operation.  It’s a software utility that uses the camera in any mobile device and looks for a barcode.  If it sees one then it will decode it into text.  mobXscan reads almost every type of barcode and even those damaged and very poor quality


mobXscan software utility is a very simple concept for Barcode reading that has been developed using latest Android, Windows and IOS tools to ensure it is stable and reliable.

The Barcode scanner can be triggered by pressing the scan button, or a separate app can trigger it with simple commands to allow total control.

mobXscan is the perfect addition to any mobile phone or tablet where high quality Barcode reading is needed.  Open new opportunities and reduce costs without having to purchase separate Barcode readers or expensive devices with built in laser or imager Barcode reader modules.

Do it with mobXscan.  We offer some of the fastes decoding speeds, even with damaged and poorly printed codes.